Nordic ID is the pioneer in don’t-lose-stuff-money-or-time business. The market leader in RFID applications, Nordic ID helps you with item tracking, inventory accuracy and data capture, while you can concentrate on your core business and keep your company on the cutting edge.

CSDS is an architecture study of Barcelona created in 1997 by a team of professionals from different areas such as architecture, interior design and design.

Sportmas is the platform to Exchange data between suppliers and retailers based on the supplier product ID (EAN/UPC/EPC) enriching it with information, images, video or technical specifications. They integrate orders into the retailer software, reducing the time a product is ready for sale and offering traceability of its behavior from the brand/distributor to the consumer.

Keonn provides the most complete, seamless and advanced solution based on RFID technology to improve the customer shopping experience at retail stores, and to increase the sales of retailers.